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Online Essay Proofreader About Main Habits You Should Avoid


Online Essay Proofreader About Main Habits You Should Avoid In Academic Writing

          Usually, when your essay/ research paper/course work is finished, you feel depressed, exhausted and you have no desire to continue working on it (I mean editing, proofreading part). Of course, the best and the easiest outcome for you is to contact online essay proofreader and ask him for help. There are many of them available online nowadays, and our site is considered to be one of the most reliable one. We have a team of professional writers and editors who have years of experience in this business. Of course, they do not feel any difficulties when it comes to writing or proofreading. That is why they want to share their experience with students, who lack practice.

          Having more than 10 years of involvement in writing business and having checked millions of texts, our experts picked up MAIN and THE MOST COMMON mistakes everyone should avoid in academic writing.

1. The usage of Passive voice: if possible, avoid using passive voice in order not to make your sentence awkward and less understandable.

2. Usage of complex/long sentences: Do not overwhelm your paper with needlessly long, clumsy, complex sentences that may confuse a reader. Though academic writing is usually difficult, it does not mean that your sentences must be unclear. While writing a paper, aim at clarity and simplicity. Do not use only sophisticated words, because it can make a reader wonder whether the writer understands what he is writing about.    

3. Use of terms and language: Do not use sophisticated words instead of simple, but effective ones. Eliminate colloquial words, jargons and informal language. The writer’s task is to reveal main idea and support thesis statement.

4. Do not use too much footnotes: Excessive usage of footnotes may lead to falling the grade.

5. Plagiarism: Do not use information that you cannot cite properly. It will be considered as plagiarism and you could even get expelled. Ensure that information is cited and properly referenced. One page should contain at least three in-text citations.

          Above mentioned are FIVE common mistakes every student should avoid in academic writing. If you still feel that your writing skills are not strong enough, you can proofread your essay online. It is easy and fast process. All you need is to:

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          Our proofreaders will do their best to polish your paper BEFORE the turnaround time! Moreover, our prices will pleasantly surprise you, because the majority of our clients are students and we worry about the availability of our service for everyone.